Bust (Egypt's Queen) Making Music History 

Never in the long celebrated history of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor had any live music been permitted to be performed there.


However recently the Nefertiti Fashion Festival  were granted a one off special dispensation to allow live music at the sacred space and they chose Nathassia to open the event with a truly landmark live performance of Bust (Egypt’s Queen).

Devine Sunrise Top 5 UK iTunes Album Chart (Electronic)

Devine Sunrise is everything we all crave for during those ecstatic or reflective moments in life. An album with deeply emotive electronica fused with elegantly crafted world music.

Ten songs that dare to delve into the heart of humanity and our evolving consciousness. From Paganism to Transhumanism, Egypt to Nanotech, Third Eye to A.I.

Is Everybody Searching (Top 20 UK Urban Chart)

The diverse & sonically progressive ‘Is Everybody Searching’ remix package. Recruiting Westfunk & DaaHype on remix duties, DaaHype employs broken beats and dubstep flavours to devastating effect

Nathassia Devine Show (Trailer)

Be prepared to be entertained, enthralled & mesmerised in equal measure!

In addition to live music performances by Nathassia from her London studio, episode 2 continues with more adventures of her characters NAT01 Robot & Nefertiti Now spawned from the past & future parts of her 2017 Feel The Future Now UK Tour.

Yorkshire Times “With a sound that borrows from a whole world of music, her powerful stage presence and distinctive styling make her a truly unforgettable artist”.  

Mauritius Times “A role model for multiculturalism”

T.H.E. Music Essentials “An artist unlike any other”

DJ Mag Review - Light of the World